Where and what to eat in Paris.

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Where and what to eat in Paris.

Where and what to eat in Paris, the so called city of love –and lights- the capital of romance, culture, adventure and of course… delicious food! Here is a list of the best places to eat typical French dishes and snacks so you can enjoy the complete French experience.

Eat croissants. There are a lot of pastry shops in Paris where you can enjoy croissants, make sure you grab a plain and a chocolate one. Visit Blé Sucré for some of the best.

For delicious toast and coffee visit OB-LA-DI. Try the avocado pomegranate chimichurri toast and goat cheese tartine. Also, this coffee shop is beautiful!

Try all flavors of Eclairs. It is almost impossible to choose how many eclairs you want and then having to choose the favors you want. Try them at L´Éclair De Génie.

Eat macarons from Pierre Hermé or Ladurée. OR BOTH! Wait in line for worthy macarons of as many flavors as you can imagine, they are truly amazing! You really can’t really go wrong with either.

Get crepes. Everyone´s favorites! There are many places where you can get crepes, at creperies or takeaway stands, you can’t go wrong here. Get the classic sugar crepe or add Nutella and strawberries.. your choice!

For Parisian food visit Au Petit Suisse and Les Philosophes. Nice restaurants where local people like to dine, you can get from croques and planches to a full dish.

The best ice-cream is at Berthillon. Seriously you will never find better ice-cream then this. Many flavors that are worth the line and you can die happy after eating it. Yes.

We hope you got inspired to try all different kind of flavor experiences in Paris.



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