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Bacalar is a synonym of magic, sun, white fine sands and turquoise waters full of freedom and joy.
Legend has it that pirates used to hide their treasures in the jungle where this Magical Town (Pueblo Mágico) is set.
The seven colors lagoon where you will have a unique snorkeling experience is the main attraction in Bacalar.
This lagoon is part of a system of lagoons that connect with Chetumal, a most amazing bay where one can go diving, practice kayaking, and camp.
There is also a Sailing Club that offers marine wildlife watching tours.
Upon entering the town, we face the Fuerte de San Felipe dating back to the XVIII century, when it was built to protect the village from pirate attacks and from the British army all of whom wanted to gain access to the forests rich in fine woods and tree bark for textile dyeing.
The fort used to have a drawbridge and a moat, which instead of water was full of stakes.
Today, the fort houses a Piracy Museum with a permanent exhibit of items such as weapons, documents and other interesting items that   Read +
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