Ciudad de México
Ciudad de México
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Mexico City’s Historic Downtown is a living, breathing museum.
With almost seven-hundred years of history, the art and culture that enrich it and the nightlife that electrifies it make it one of the most important destinations in Latin America.
In less than ten square miles you will find over 1500 historic sites, giving you a seemingly endless slew of options.
The Historic Downtown area is an ideal place to feel Mexico’s history, a place where visitors can marvel and see in close proximity the glorious architecture in its labyrinthine streets, the endless art in museums and public spaces, and the ceaseless energy pouring out from every corner, day and night.
There are innumerable activities in this area, and no list can capture the plethora of options it offers.
However, we can set down a few of the places that are an absolute must when visiting.

Wejoytrip recommends
Constitution Square.
This might be the most emblematic space in the city, given that it is surrounded by several historic   Read +
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