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The Magical Town of Coatepec is pure nature, with its beautiful flowers and majestic waterfalls which will leave you feeling close to Earth’s bounty.
To top it off, as you walk around this town, you will be accompanied by the aroma of coffee.
Coatepec is located in the central region of the state of Veracruz and is known across the globe for its high-quality coffee production, where even a museum has been dedicated to it.
Its soil is rich, offering a wide variety of flora and fauna, among which its stunning orchids stand out.
Its architecture boasts many old mansions, adding to the town’s charm and beauty.
The town is only 10 km.
2 mi) from the state’s capital, Xalapa, and it enjoys easy access thanks to its highways.
Its gastronomy is rich, from all of its natural resources.
It has great fish and seafood, like langoustines and river trout.
You cannot miss it.
Admiring its colonial churches, its waterfalls and rich nature, its hills and haciendas, all loaded with the scent of roasted coffee make   Read +
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