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Baja California Sur 
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Surrounded by date palm trees and exuberant vegetation that seems to win the deserted territory, a community of giants known as Comondú.
It is the preferred spot for national and international adventurers, given that within its canyons and desertic plains, an array of extreme sports can be performed.
At the same time, the sea offers the chance to practice aquatic sports.
It is home to two still standing missions known as San José de Comondú and San Luis de Gonzaga, the latter offering engraved prints and petroglyphs that the ancient residents left stamped on these cavernous walls.
Thanks to the great and repetitive waves of San Juanico, you can practice surfing in this spot.
At the San Carlos Bay, take a relaxing stroll through the pier and be amazed by the amazing sceneries that are reflected on the bluest of oceans that circles it.
You will also witness the flight of seagulls, fishing eagles and other species of birds that feed and find refugee on these lands.
The Magdalena Island is also an ideal place for bird watchers.
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