El Oro
Estado de México 
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Walking through El Oro, Magical Town located in Mexico State, is walking through historic cobbled streets.
Perhaps toward Madero Garden, a peaceful area with small benches to be enjoyed beneath the shifting shade of the welcoming trees throughout, coaxing you to let go of reality and embark on a surreal journey, full of color and Mexican tradition.
Intense aromas of fresh baked sweet bread and steaming hot coffee flood the streets of this town.
What shines brightest in El Oro is its gorgeous Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe, its atrium enclosing a beautiful rose garden surrounding a sculpture of Jesus Christ.
Standing tall nearby is the tree of the Bicentenary, planted there in 2010.
Despite the depletion of its mines, El Oro still stands out as a greatly respected tourist magnet.
It is not hard to understand this, given that its buildings will captivate anyone, and will invite an exploration of the rich history of the town.

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