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This is a city where time appears to stand still.
Its surroundings show traces of a richness encapsulated on minerals and hidden in legends.
Don Quixote and his loyal squire, among other Mexican heroes, have imprinted their very essence around stones, roads and verses, so that you can start discovering them one by one.
The city of Guanajuato has been declared a World Heritage site and it is home to the International Cervantino Festival.
Art and culture intertwine in this cosmopolitan region that finds shelter on the shadows of its colonial, baroque and neo-Classic architecture, according to experts.
At the different festivals that take place here, the Gastronomy festival has recognized the native delicacies of the region, and these are: pig’s feet, “enchiladas mineras” and capon.
With this, it is considered to be the Latin American Capital of Gastronomic Culture.
On the other hand, the imposing Juárez Theatre and its Union Garden witness, by day and by night, a beginning and an ending to every stroll taken around its streets.
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