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Loreto encases over 300 years of history, as it was one of the landmarks to which the colonizers first arrived.
The landscapes colored with the blue of the ocean and the white sand from the green islands nearby make of this paradise a place you can’t afford to miss.
Here you can experience the freedom of wandering through peaceful beaches and marvel at its unique cliffs and rock formations.

Wejoytrip recommends
visit the Nuestra Señora de Loreto Church, the Museum of the Jesuit Missions, the Cuevas Pintas rock paintings and La Pingüica.
Come and discover the beautiful beaches of Nopoló, Juncalito, Agua Verde, Ensenada Blanca and San Bruno, where you can sail into the soft and quiet waves of the Cortés Sea.
Explore the beautiful coasts of Carmen Island, the cliffs of the Dancing Island (perfect for scuba diving), and the enamoring quietness of Catalina Island, or simply catch a goldfish or a tuna on the sport fishing trips Loreto has for you.

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