Los Cabos
Baja California Sur 
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Located in the southernmost point in the Baja California peninsula, Los Cabos (Baja California Sur) offer a great variety of activities for anything you might want to do.
On one hand is Cabo San Lucas, with more energy and movement, and on the other is San Jose del Cabo, the more relaxed and peaceful side of Los Cabos.
Between these two points is “El Corredor” (The Corridor), a scenic highway connecting these two cities and offering an array of luxurious and relaxing resorts with all the amenities.
Additionally, The Corridor offers great panoramas of both ocean and desert, a unique aspect of Los Cabos.
This duality of relaxation and energy make Los Cabos an ideal place to have incredible vacations.

Wejoytrip recommends
Visiting both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo to get a feel for the unique identity of these two cities, and to take the time to appreciate the Corridor highway, which does a good job in showing, in the brief drive through it, one of the aspects that makes Los Cabos a unique destination. /> That is how its desert landscapes practically spill over into its beautiful beaches.
This contrasts the beaches of southern México, like those of Cancun or Playa del Carmen, which exist in a tropical and lush ecosystem.
Pay a visit to one of its many rock formations, but we recommend taking the time to visit “the Arch” of Los Cabos, the iconic rock formation of Baja California Sur.
You can take a boat in Cabo San Lucas and go around it and snap some great shots of it, and if you want you can also disembark on the arch and get more photos of it up close.
For the anglers, Los Cabos offers some seriously great fishing, and for golfers it offers some seriously great golf.
Enjoy a day of scuba diving in this prime destination: this is truly one of the best spots for it in México.
The food in Los Cabos is top level in all price ranges.
Try the stingray “machaca,” a dish of salted or fresh stingray prepared at breakfast time with spices and eaten with flour tortillas.
Try the “chocolata” clams, the variety most eaten in this region, either raw or prepared hot with spices or stuffed.
You can find them in seafood restaurants or in food carts in the cities.
Naturally, you can’t miss the fish tacos: there are many varieties and preparations of fish tacos in México, but the ones in Baja California are the fish tacos, known and loved all over the world.
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Avatar Usuario
16 May 2022
Me encanta bucear en este lugar, la experiencia es maravillosa
Avatar Usuario
23 Apr 2016
Es un lugar fantástico