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Malinalco is an ideal place if you’re looking for rest and contemplation.
This passionate place mixes natural landscapes, history and an incomparable architectonic legacy.
Malinalco means, “where Malinalxochitl is adored”, in the skirts of its high topography, in the Ídolos Mountain Chain, it was built as one of its main attractions, the archeological site known as Cuauhtinchan.
In this important pre-Hispanic settlement, one can find “La Casa de las Aguilas”, a temple pyramid, the site’s most important monument; according to its legend, this is where the gates of Mictlan (the underworld) were open.

Wejoytrip recommends
visit the impressive archeological site that can be found at the top of the main mountain chain.
You must admire the enormous pyramid carved directly onto the stone of the mountain.
To learn more about this pre-Hispanic construction, you can visit the Malinalco museum, found at the center of the town.
Roam the beautiful Santa Monica chapel, the majestic Divino Salvador temple   Read +
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