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An oasis lies in the middle of the desert and the sea, where missions like Santa María de Mulegé, celebrating its saint days during October, arose.
If you visit us during this time of year, be sure to enjoy these celebrations.
Climb the lookout that is found at the tip of the tower, where you will be able to observe the lush green of date palm trees and the white sheen of the desert sand, all embellished by the passing of a river; a picture here will surely be a part of your collection of magical experiences.
Visit the many beaches and islands of Mulegé, where you will be able to camp and practice aquatic sports, such as windsurf, in Arena Punta, Santispac, Los Cocos, El Requesón, El Burro and Punta Chivato.
The gastronomy here is based on sea products; its specialty is the ray and seafood “machaca”, roasted horse mackerel, abalone and squid “chilorio”, stuffed clams, scallops and fish.
However, one of the most distinguishable food products of the region is the French-styled bread, with a hint of olive oil and wine.
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