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Palizada is a Magic Town named after the fine woods treatment and cutting that used to take place in this location.
This enchanting destination neighboring the Palizada River and the Términos Lagoon is also surrounded by manglars, embellished with colorful Victorian houses.
Here you can visit the beauteous French-styled Casa del Río or the Historical Center, where you can taste a delicious fried crappie or a “pejelagarto”; you can also explore the beautiful scenery of the rivers and watch crocodiles at close range, or go on a photographic safari through its numerous streams, and try fresh mangoes and delicious chocolate.

Wejoytrip recommends
visit the beautiful center of Palizada, where there’s a replica of the New York statue of Liberty.
You are invited to tour the city’s rivers, streams and manglars, or attend the Tila’s church and partake on the celebration of San Joaquín from August 15th to August 31st.

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