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Located south of of the city of Saltillo is located the Magical Town of Parras de la Fuente, or simply “Parras.
” Its landscapes showcase land ripe for agriculture, making this town one of the first few producers of wine in all of America.
Parras will awaken your spirit for culture and adventure, with visits to the Lima Canyon, the filter galleries, or riding a jeep through nature and visiting zones with cave paintings.
The town was named Parras de la fuente after the Saltillo lawyer, Juan Antonio de la Fuente, a champion of Mexican sovereignty against French invaders.
The gastronomy of the region is based in a confluence of indigenous and spanish traits.
The resulting food is not only historically-rooted; it is also simple and delicious.
You can enjoy delicious wines, as well as asado de puerco, an earthy and slightly spicy pork stew, chicken or pork tamales, or barbacoa, succulent slow-cooked meat to be piled on a freshly made flour tortilla.
For dessert you can enjoy the exquisite regional candies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors:   Read +
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