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Best known as “Heaven’s door”, this town can be found among forests, mountains and lakes, and it is considered to be the Eden of the state of Michoacán.
Pátzcuaro is denominated as a Magic Town due to its colonial buildings and streets that guard the glorious past of this glimmering place.
Be sure to visit its lake and at least one of its 7 islands.
The Janitzio Island is a whitefish manufacturer, a specialty of the region; this island was also the set of one of the many films of María Félix.
During December, an exhibition and a butterfly canoe parade takes place, which make this tradition a visual spectacle that is worth watching.
The crescent-shaped Yunuhen Island guards a type of heron that paints the skies with its beautiful plumage every morning.
Jarácuaro is a small island where the villagers still speak and follow the costumes of the Purépecha culture.
The Pacanda Island has a lagoon within its center.
Tecuena is the smallest island.
Urandenes is a three-island formation united by canals where whitefish is   Read +
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