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Legend has it that once the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception was built, no one was able to explain how the 8 tons bell was placed in the highest towers of all of Latin America; therefore, the fact was adjudicated to the angels who wanted to see the beautiful Cathedral finished; for this reason, the city was named Puebla de Los Ángeles.
In 1987, the UNESCO declared it as Heritage of Humanity.
The angelopolis, as some locals like to call it, is a city full of history, magic, and an unmistakable baroque style in its architecture, that, along with its culture and traditions show the indigenous influence mixed with the French, Spanish, and Lebanese.
Puebla also has some of the most beautiful nature with rivers, mountains, and volcanos.
This city is also called the Reliquary of America given the amount of churches, temples, and religious centers, that are so many, that one could spend a whole year partaking in celebrations, fairs, festivities and saint days, all of these, of course, including the most delicious traditional food.
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