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San Felipe
Baja California
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San Felipe is also known as the entrypoint to the Sea of Cortés, an eden for those seeking a warm breeze, peaceful waves, and pristine landscapes.
Relax in its marvelous beaches, like Puertecitos, famous for its natural hot springs, where you can take a dip and relax.
But watch out! They can get hot! It is best to wait for high tide so that the water can cool down a bit.
Other beaches to visit are Playa Destino, and Playa Escondida.

Wejoytrip recommends
enjoy a fantastic experience in the Valley of the Giants.
This is a desert paradise with enormous cacti reaching upwards of 17 meters (55 feet).
You will find more than 1200 of these, weighing several tons and made up mostly of water.
We suggest hiking through the area to more intimately experience this beautiful desert.
Another unmissable attraction in the San Felipe-Puertecitos corridor is without a doubt the Percebú Lagoon, offering a great variety of species, such as sponges, birds, snails, beautiful fish, and many, many more.
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