Baja California
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Tijuana is one of Mexico’s more famous cities, bordering the United States.
As you explore the city you will live its multifaceted culture, rich and vibrant.
This border city offers eclectic art works and urban landscapes, with its intricate modern murals of street art, its old streets taken over by independent artist, and its historic walls and monuments, modern symbols of Tijuana’s architecture.
An excellent place to begin your trip is the Monumental Clock Arch, symbol of the entrance and welcome to the city.
Move on to the Revolucion Avenue, the city’s iconic street, where you will be able to enjoy its delicious cuisine and can experience the art of its traditions which have come together over time to create a veritable cultural mosaic of spectacular proportions.

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The Tijuana Festival on the Beach, with the ocean, sun, soft sands and music all in the same place.
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