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In the middle of hills and mountains, the tropical forest surrounds an abandoned city where huge black and green iguanas can be seen sunbathing on top of pyramids and temples carved in rosy limestone.
Surrounded by more than 150 medicinal plants that can only be found in the jungle of this region, these buildings are an example of Puuc architecture, which offers geometric designs carved in stone and masks resembling the God of Rain known as Chaac.
Uxmal means “ built three times” and it is an archeological site protected by the UNESCO, as it was declared a World Cultural Heritage because of its complex and unique architecture.
The majestic, oval-shaped Adivino Pyramid, with its 5 levels and 35 meters in height, is the most visible and visited attraction of the region.
The Governor’s Palace and its 1200m2 base should also be an important visit in your tour.
The Palomas House is an extraordinary construction that deserves your undivided attention.
The Mesoamerican ballgame pitch, the Turtle House and the “Cuadrángulo de Monjas” (Monk   Read +
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