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Jalpan de Serra
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If one had to define the Magical Town of Jalpan de Serra, the meaning would have to be that it is the perfect merging of the mountains with the rivers and the millenary caves and lush vegetation.
A small city that was dominated by the Pame ethnicity and went on to be evangelized by the Franciscan priests that later on built their colonial religious missions with such baroque beauty, that they have been declared by the UNESCO as World Heritage; this recognition has been quite becoming and today, the buildings are perfectly conserved.
A good place to start your tour would be the main square and its historical edifications among which, one can’t help but notice the outstanding Iglesia de Santiago Apostol (St.
James Apostle’s Church), the Postal Service House, or St.
James's Mission, among the most significant of its time.
There is a beautiful place on the banks of river Jalpan called La Playita; the perfect spot to spend the day and enjoy a picnic, and later in the evening have a Lunada (a sort of gathering in the open air with dance, music   Read +
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