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La Paz
Baja California Sur 
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The Bay of La Paz, in the municipality by the same name, can be defined as an entry point to the Sea of Cortes.
Jacques Cousteau called it “the aquarium of the world,” since it is considered one of the five great marine ecosystems in terms of production and biological diversity on earth.
In this sea are distributed approximately a hundred islands and many other isles.
The city of La Paz possesses beautiful beaches, perfect for resting, recreation, and watersports.
They are home to colonies of sea lions, many bird species, and other animals endemic to the region of “subcalifornia.
” The most recommended beaches are El Tecolote, Caimancito, spa El Coromuel, Pichilingue, El Tesoro, La Ventana, and Bay of Dreams, to name a few.
Culture, sports, nature, history, and art are in perfect balance are characteristic of La Paz, where you can come face-to-face with adventure, all in an incredibly rich natural environment.

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