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Tabasco can be found in the Southeast part of México, and it is a state rich in pre-Hispanic and colonial heritage. Its abundant vegetation and cultural relics make the state of Tabasco and ideal place to explore and discover. The rich nature of the state can be seen in the Centla swamps, Tenosique, in its wide rivers, lagoons and petroleum reserves. Villahermosa, state capital, has a fascinating cultural history ready to satiate even the most curious of minds, as it is home of the legends of majestic ancient civilizations that roamed the land and left an imprint on the impressive architecture which was surrounded by fertile land. Its most important festival is the Regional Carnaval, which originated in 1880. This festivity mixes artistic, cultural and religious samples from all across its towns and cities.

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visit the warm and colorful Villahermosa, state capital, a community rich in traditions, where the people are kindhearted, and it offers every visitor a great quantity of places to visit. Begin your journey by walking through the Armas Plaza and discover its charming neo-gothic church called Concepción; admire the beauty of the Historic Center brimming with museums, cafés, art galleries and shops. Try the best chocolate in all of México by taking a quick break in the cacao haciendas and learn how this delicious   Read +
Comalcalco, nombre nahuatl que significa "lugar de comales", única ciudad Maya en Mesoamérica construida con ladrillos de barro cocido, se originó ...
El municipio de Huimanguillo se localiza en el estado de Tabasco, es considerado como el municipio más grande de Tabasco. ...
Un lugar extraordinario ubicado en la región de Chontalpa, en el estado de Tabasco, es Paraíso. Se trata de un oasis en la Tierra del Cacao, cuyo ...
Tapijulapa - Magic Town
Tapijulapa está enmarcado por majestuosos ríos, cuevas, cascadas y de más maravillas naturales que te conquistarán. ...
Rodeada de exuberantes paisajes verdes, Villahermosa, la capital del estado de Tabasco, te ofrece múltiples escenarios donde encontrarás ...
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