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Todos Santos
Baja California Sur 
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The magical town of Todos Santos is truly deserving of its title.
This is a magical place located deep in the desert of Baja California Sur, an oasis of lush plantations and groves.
Todos Santos is a fascinating town where you can come into contact with many different cultures, and be charmed by the artistic variety which has developed In this community through many its festivals and galleries.
Feel the magic of its streets, full of tradition, and its peaceful beaches which look out onto the Pacific Ocean.
This is home to surfers, artists, and expats, who have found this town to be the best place to live.
It is only 80 km.
(50 mi.
) from La Paz, and is an irresistible destination because of its climate, its closeness to the ocean, and all that it warmly offers to its visitors.

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The Mission of Our Lady of the Pillar.
This is the oldest and most elegant building in the Magical Town.
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