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Morelos is a fantastic place, a dream-like state brimming with nature, adventure, art, mysticism and history, with something for everybody. This paradise is located at the center of the country, guarded by complex mountain chains. Its friendly weather allowed for the settlement of numerous haciendas, temples and convents that preserve their beauty up to this day. Small in territory but big in history, this entity has witnessed some of the most relevant events in the record of the movements of Independence and the Revolution of México. The state’s natural beauty offers matchless sceneries such as El Tepozteco’s hill, the Amacuzac River and the Salto de San Antón waterfalls. Morelos’s historical legacy awaits to be discovered in the trips through La Ruta de los Conventos (The Convent’s Route), La Ruta de las Haciendas, and La Ruta Zapata (Zapata’s Route). Some of its gastronomic delights you cannot afford to miss are: mole verde, cecina, tamales nejos, cazahuate mushrooms, rabbit on chileajo, jumiles and tzompantle tortitas, among with Morelos’s sweets and icecream, famous throughout the country.

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visit Tepoztlan, a famous power point thriving with magic wonders. The magic from this town is guarded by an eternal giant: el Tepozteco Hill, whose summit awaits to energize you past its roads, encompassed   Read +
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Tepoztlán - Magic Town
Un lugar para meditar y encontrarse con la naturaleza, uno de los lugares más atractivos del estado de Morelos. Probablemente mucho de su encanto se ...
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Tlayacapan - Magic Town
Ubicado en el estado de Morelos, este Pueblo Mágico forma parte de la Ruta de los Conventos de la UNESCO y es el lugar de origen de los chinelos. ...
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