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Colima is known as the third smallest state in Mexico. By contrast, it is quite large in surface area due to its mountainous geography, occupying almost three quarters of its land. The Colima Volcano is closely connected to the state and its people. Despite being a smaller state, Colima is home to important places, like Manzanillo, Comala, Ixtlahuacán, Coquimatlán, and Minatitlán. Colima possesses many historic monuments, such as its main cathedral, in the neoclassic style, the Government Palace, with beautiful murals illustrating historic themes centered around the Mexican conquest, colonization, and the War of Independence. DId you know that Colima includes in its territory the islands of Revillagigedo? Enjoy pristine ecological reserves populated exclusively by marine birds.

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archaeological zones La Campana and El Chanal, the Coffee Route (also known as Coffee Bus), the Magical Town of Comala, known also as the White Town of America, serving as the setting for Pedro Páramo, the Regional Museum of History, which revives the beginning of the 19th century within its architecture, which today preserves the viceregal style. In downtown Colima City, explore the Andador Constitución, meeting place for the city’s artists. This is an ideal place to sit down to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink, or to buy a   Read +
Colima, capital del pequeño estado mexicano que lleva el mismo nombre, es una ciudad pacífica. Se ubica en la región occidental de México, cerca ...
Comala - Magic Town
Comala es un pequeño y pintoresco pueblo ubicado justo al norte de la Ciudad de Colima. Se le conoce como el “Pueblito Blanco”, ya que sus ...
Manzanillo no sólo es conocido como un lugar de descanso, sino también porque fue el primer astillero de América Latina (data de 1531) y en la ...
Es un bello territorio occidental de Colima, que desde 1551, se distinguió por su basta riqueza natural y que de acuerdo al vocablo náhuatl, ...
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